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Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions answered with some more details for the weekend. 
Cops, Police, “PO-PO”, Law Enforcement:
Yes, they exist. If you choose to leave the campground and travel on a public roadway, especially to town, any law enforcement you encounter will be obligated by duty to enforce the laws of the great State of Wisconsin. Please respect the law as they are protecting us and our families. If you do not have a legal means to travel for parts or supplies please feel free to request help at the campground gate. “The Gate” is staffed by volunteers who will, within reason attempt to help you.
Day Riders
45.00 per trail rig 10.00 per passenger
Check IN—
Sat-sun 8-4  Trollhaugen Chalet parking lot        Mon 8-1 at Campground gate
Spectator Events
Fri truck pull and Sat Yellow rock race tickets $10.00 adult, 5.00 for 6-15 yrs old and 5 and under always free
Saturday Show (Monsters/Jumps and races) $20.00 adult, 10.00 for 6-15 yrs old and 5 and under are free
Small carry on snack coolers allowed, please no carry-on alcohol
Dog Policy
 Dogs must be on a physical leash and under the owner control at all times.
 Leash must be short enough to prevent entanglement or encircling of other guests.
Kids, no leash required, but,…
 Showers are typically open 24 hours a day, expect a long wait time in late evening
 Absoulutely no washing of vehicles or parts, including tires in the shower area, we provide a wash area and pressure washers near trail head.
Where do I go to buy…..? 
Campground gate, If we don’t have it on site our concierge will attempt to help you find it. We have volunteer driven ride service and delivery service available on a hit and miss basis.
Gates really do close at 10pm, and we really do expect radios, generators,… to quiet to a very reasonable level.
As more houses go up around our facility the need to keep noise, road use, and public perception under control becomes more important every year.  Thank You.
Can I have a fire? 2016-03-15T14:40:31+00:00

Yes, small fires are allowed in your campsite.  There is free firewood available near the campground main entrance.  Please mind fellow campers while enjoying your campfire.  No burning of trash.

Are dogs allowed? 2016-03-15T14:40:03+00:00

Yes, dogs are allowed. They must be leashed at all times while on the property.

What else is there to do? 2017-07-08T06:25:16+00:00

here will be an entertainment barn with music and dancing for all registered campers Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening. Other vendors will be available selling merchandise, food and ice. Showers will be available for all campers.

The Playground:
This year the Playground will be building on the same theme as last year for the obstacles. Will we have a frame twister? Will we have a flat rock garden? Bigger mud pit? No one knows, only they person running the equipment who is preparing the playground. One thing is sure though, it will be a lot of fun, just like last year! The popular and very difficult Horsepower Hill will be ready with water and clay! Will you be ready for it?
The Troll Hole will also have any depth available from the biggest to smallest truck. Give it a try and see what you’ve got!


The Iron Rock Off Road Rock Race – Located on the Yellow Rock Run:
We’ll set up a course and then you drive through it as quickly as possible. There will be some sort of cash and prizes for this competition, besides showing off your skills to the crowd!  There are two classes, a 38” and taller tire class and an under 38” tire class. Spaces are limited so register early! THIS IS A SPECTATOR EVENT ALSO. Spectator Fee $10
Register at Yellow Rock Run by the trail entrance. Helmet required to compete! Driver’s meeting at 2pm sharp, race starts at 3pm.
We’ve also got a trail ride over obstacles to challenge anything you’ve got. Don’t want to do the trail? Then beat your brains out on some of the rock formations we’ve got for you. Note: We suggest a minimum 33” tire and a locker for the trail.

How about for those awesome trail rides? 2016-03-15T14:38:44+00:00

Bring a fully equipped 4 wheel drive vehicle and check in at the Registration Area.

• Read all Tech Inspection Guidelines.
• Trail guides are available upon request to help you through the trails.
• Trail rides are assigned in the order that the event registrations are received: First come – first served!
• There are 4 seperate trails that each consist of different terrains and difficulties.  Each trail ride can take 3-4 hours if you attempt each obstacle.
Red- located at the main trail shack
White- located at the main trail shack
Blue- located at the main trail shack
Yellow- located near the campground
• All trail ride vehicles must pass Tech Inspection – read the rules carefully!
• If you break down on the trail and cannot get yourself or trail buddy out of the trails, there are tow rigs available at the trail shack.  These guys like to help you get out of the trails but are not responsible for your damages.  Please keep in mind that they are working very hard and are VOLUNTEERING.  They would appreciate TIPS for their hard work at your convenience!!
• Absolutely no alcohol on the trails. WE WILL ENFORCE THIS!