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Hello Everyone,

I hope that all of you are doing as healthy as you can, are finding a way to make ends meet and also able to stay safe during this time.  That being said, the time has come to make a decision on whether or not we can have the Memorial Weekend Total Off-Road Rally.  We held a meeting with the board,officers and Trollhaugen tonight and we came to this decision.

As much as all of us hoped that we could have the event, we will need to cancel the Rally for 2020.  This is primarily due to the governor of WI having a stay at home order until after Memorial weekend.  This is a final decision and we will not be able to change our decision if the stay at home order is changed in the future.

Why now?  If we didn’t start on Memorial weekend work this weekend, we couldn’t have an event that we could all be proud of in time for Memorial this year, and we didn’t want to have an event that we would either not be able to have due to a change in stay at home orders or that we would regret due to not holding the high standards that we have become accustomed to.

We had already stopped our spend for the Memorial weekend, so the expenses that we have incurred is the cost of firewood that hasn’t been processed and some very minor (2-3%) service fees on the Paypal payments that we completed on early registration.  Fortunately, our event is late enough and we stopped spending early enough to save a lot of money.

What happens now?

– All payments from our guests will be refunded in full

We want to make sure that our guests have the best impression of the event possible and that they are looking forward to next year’s event.

– All of the Memorial spectator events will be cancelled – no vendors, no purchases

We will not be incurring any cost on this due to the cancellation

– We will be doing some limited maintenance on the trails

At first this will be limited to a small group so that we can adhere to the Wisconsin guidance on social distancing and ensure that we aren’t spreading this disease.

– We are continuing to watch our guidance from MN and WI and will review upcoming events at the next meeting.

The board and officers will be meeting online for the May meeting.  The general meeting is cancelled.  We will resume meetings when gatherings are again allowed.

The board has also approved an expenditure of $500 for the Open Cupboard, which is the local food shelf in Osceola.  We have donated the last 2 years at the holidays and this will help the community when they need it most.

At the last general meeting held, it was also approved to donate $1500 to Allied Fire, the fire department that has helped us for so many years.  Life doesn’t end during these difficult times and they have had to postpone their spaghetti dinner that is their main fundraiser.

Please bear with us during this difficult time, please stay well and reach out to a board member, officer or myself if you have any questions.

Thank you and stay well!

Kirk Johnson

MN Go-4 Wheelers

Welcome to the Minnesota Go-4 Wheelers!

The Minnesota Go-4 Wheelers is a non-profit four-wheel drive club based out of the Twin Cities, MN. The MN Go-4’s provide fun and entertainment in an environment with pro-advancement of all aspects of four-wheeling. It also strives for the social betterment of its members and any other type of four-wheel drive enthusiast interested in becoming an active member. The MN Go-4’s works with national four wheel drive organizations, as well as state and local clubs to help protect the offroad areas currently used to ensure that they are there for years to come. We are a member of the Minnesota 4 Wheel Drive Association.  The MN Go-4’s host  the annual Total Off-Road Rally every Memorial weekend at Trollhaugen in Dresser, WI. 2018 marked the 50th year of this event.



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